What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership designed to help clients achieve their potential. Coaches know that in order to achieve extraordinary and sustainable change, clients need to connect their outer goals with their inner values and purpose – What they want to do, How they want to do it, and Who they are. They help clients make that connection through the use of open-ended questions that help them gain the clarity and commitment that is only possible through their own direction and exploration.

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy tends to focus on fixing problems and analyzing the past. Coaches don’t dwell on issues or the past; rather, they focus on moving clients forward to opportunities and solutions.

Coaching is not consulting. Consultants are often paid for their expertise to tell the client the best course of action. A coach’s expertise is the coaching process. Coaches don’t tell their clients what to do because they view their client as the expert.

Coaching is not mentoring. Mentors are often people we admire who have “been there, done that.” They are great as leaders who can “show us the ropes,” but tend to use their own model of success as a guide based on what worked for them. Coaches use the coaching process to help clients define their own model of success.

What is Law of Attraction Coaching?

 Law of Attraction Coaching differs from traditional life coaching in that it places more importance on your thoughts and feelings. This is very important because it has a deeper effect on your energy vibration and this has a profound effect on what you eventually create. Law of Attraction coaching supports you in managing your vibrational energy by encouraging you to develop better habits, releasing limiting beliefs and identifying areas where you may have resistance.

Working with Anik Perspectives

Anik Clemens from Anik Perspectives works with you one-on-one to help you set goals, work through any limiting beliefs or blocks that are coming up for you, and provides you with accountability to see results. She will ask you powerful questions to help you figure out what it is you really want, why you want it and how you want to feel in the having of it. Work with Anik to help transform, empower, and create positive change in your life!

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