The Power of Positivity


Are you a positive person? Do you usually see the glass as half full or half empty?

I am known to be very optimistic, maybe even to a fault sometimes, but I feel that optimism can take you a long way.

And it wears off on others as well. Just yesterday, I was talking to a past client of mine and she was saying how many wonderful things were happening in her life. It was one great thing after another. And she said, “Anik, just as you spoke to me about the power of positivity, and being grateful for those things that are in my life, I am seeing so many positive things coming into my life now.” This is how the Law of Attraction works. You put those positive vibes out into the Universe and they will come back to you.

We live in a vibrational Universe. Everything is energy and everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Feelings like gratitude vibrate at a much higher frequency than feelings like anger. When we can practice gratitude we can attract more things into our lives to be grateful for.

I want to share a story with you that happened to me yesterday, and it’s the reason I am celebrating today.

I am celebrating because my daughter, who is 4.5, was just accepted into the VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) program at the public elementary school that was my top choice!  Hurray! Yahoo! I’m doing the happy dance!

It is strange to say this, and even stranger to accept, that VPK in public schools in Florida is super competitive (almost as cut throat as getting into college!!!). If you are a parent and want to get your child into a good school (an A-grade school) there are so few choices in Florida, that the competition becomes very tight. Many parents camp overnight to be one of the first in line when the school opens, just to get their child a spot in the school, or at least at the top of the waiting list.

Yesterday was registration day, and my daughter and I arrived at her top choice school at 8:30am when the registration opened and when we signed the waiting list, we were already 10th in line (making it very unlikely that we would secure a spot). Hmmm, this doesn’t seem right some how. If all the schools were able to raise the caliber of the teaching so that the children have many more choices, the parents wouldn’t be in such a dilemma.

So we drove to her second choice school (which was my first choice school) to get on their waiting list. However, when we arrived and I asked to be put on the waiting list, a miracle occurred. The school informed me that there were still spots available in the VPK classrooms! We were in luck!!!

We registered her right away to secure her spot for the next school year. To say that I am relieved is an understatement. I have been fretting and worried about getting my daughter into a good school since January and now, 4 months later, I can release this anxiety as my child will be going to a great school. I was so excited that I ended up doing a happy dance!!!  I am ecstatic! The thought that my daughter is going to start her education at a great arts, music, and dance magnet school is so exciting to me. She is super creative and I think this will be a perfect fit.

It was really the power of positivity and not giving up hope that led me to this moment. Of course I had my doubts along the way, but I persevered. I took inspired action. I showed up and made the effort to get her into the schools she wanted. I made no excuses.

The power of positivity is real and all around us. We can be so thankful when our perseverance pays off.

It all starts with gratitude and being grateful for what we have. Then we can continue to manifest more things that we are grateful for into our lives.

I am so grateful that my child will be starting her education at a great school.

What are you grateful for today? Leave me a comment and let me know what you are grateful for.

I hope you can think of at least 5 things to be grateful for today. And everyday.

Write them in your journal each night before you go to bed. It will make such a difference in your life.

Sending you lots of love and positivity,


P.S. I have some exciting news coming soon! Watch for emails about my first coaching program that I will be launching in May. Stay tuned for all the juicy details!!!


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