“Anik was like a life boat which stayed by my side as I crossed over the waters of uncertainty, fear, and disappointment.  She was able to pick me up and put my feet on solid footing. She gave me the grace to try again, without judgement, or condemnation.

She was there to guide me with stories and practical exercises that opened up my eyes in the darkness of the place called ‘stuck’. She encouraged me, embraced my desires, my accomplishments and spurred me on to greater achievements.

She helped me dispel the old untruths and replace them with solid stones of truth. She made me mindful of how things are put together and create a deeper awareness that there can be another way. She showed me that if a situation came together great, but it’s okay if it doesn’t. I’m still beautiful and full of life.

She gave me permission to give permission to myself. To feel Freedom. I can now stand back from others and not be burned by their fire.

Anik has already been where I am, and gently guides me through the mine fields of life’s troubles. I experienced her wisdom, grace, kindness and compassion. I finished this program with a “girly goodie bag” that she made for me. Inside are gifts of hope, confidence, and self worth.

Just take the step!”

Sharon Cetrangola, St. Petersburg, FL

“After taking Anik’s 3-month Courageous Change Program, I have grown exponentially. I am so much more present. Beforehand, I felt panicky and the rush of anxiety…now, there is plenty of time. I feel at peace with what I get done. I have had a complete shift in mindset. This has transferred into my work as well. I am much more calm and at peace with life.”

Lila Methot, St. Petersburg, FL

MIchelle McIntyre

“Anik’s Courageous Change program has given me the knowledge and tools to change the most important aspect of my life: my emotional and spiritual self. Anik gave me the tools to work through emotional blocks that have held me back from realizing that I have created my best life and by taking care of my spiritual and emotional being, I have the ability to expand even more and continually co-create my deepest, and most inspiring life with the universe through mindful manifestation.

Prior to working with Anik I felt crippled by my emotions. My anxiety, fear, and self-doubt lead to self-destructive behavior and led me to alienate the people most important to me. My emotional outbursts were chipping away at the wonderful life that I had created. Since working with Anik I more clearly understand my emotions and my spiritual centers that allow the flow of energy through my body. I have tools that allow me to take care of this energy that flows within me. I feel that taking care of this energy is the foundation of leading a happier, healthy, and conscious life full of love and abundance.

My biggest shift has been in realizing how powerful the universe is and how powerful I am in co-creating within it. (Before working with Anik) I felt that I needed to change my physical circumstances in order to be happy. Now my focus is on my own emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. By taking care of my emotions, my thoughts, and my energy, happiness occurs every day!

I highly recommend Anik’s coaching in order to clear the blocks that hold you back from achieving your best self! Anik’s program has changed my mind and my life.”

Michelle M, Chattanooga, TN

“Anik was an incredible emotional support in addition to helping me with the practical work challenges I was having prompting my need to contact her. I appreciate how flexible she was to find ways that were specific to my needs as a person and how I function. Often, I felt a sense of relief to know she was working to help me solve a problem or develop a way to deal with aspects of work that were causing me great stress. For example, we were able to create goal tracking and organizational systems to improve the management of my many tasks and projects. I also appreciate how Anik always had the radar up to identify mindsets that could be the source of what may be impeding success and crafted strategies to change it. Anik listens carefully and cares a lot. That is a great combination!”

Lydia Dubuisson, St. Petersburg, FL

“Since I started working with Anik, I have been able to break down barriers that were holding me back. Some I was aware of, and some that I didn’t even realize were impeding my success. Before working with Anik, I had a terrible fear of public speaking and my confidence level was less than desirable. The things that have had the most impact on my personal and business life have been the ability to speak more clearly and confidently and believe in my self. You should know I’ve always been very shy and thought I preferred to stay in the back ground and never be at the center of attention in a room or that anyone cared about what I had to say. Now I’m enjoying being in the front of a room and owning it, and this has helped me and my business grow so much.  I still get nervous and a little freaked out, but Anik has taught me how to work through it and prevail. I now look forward to speaking to groups, sharing my knowledge with others.”

Penny Denbo, Tampa, FL

“I came to Anik in a predicament, I was living a life that I wasn’t very happy with. I was overly stressed from work (needing a change but not confident enough to do anything about it), my thoughts were scattered in a thousand different areas (ongoing battle though the meditation practices help), my relationship with myself was at the very least neglected, and I felt the universe had gone silent to my needs, desires, or showing of opportunities. Anik helped me gain the confidence I needed to branch off, gather my thoughts and take a chance on myself. At this point in my journey it’s a little scary but I have the peace and confidence to accept whatever comes my way and just enjoy the adventure for what it is.  Although it’s an ongoing process I am taking time for myself, making sure I’m connecting with nature, people, and the things that make me happy. In our short time together she has helped me grow immensely, which has created a positive ripple for the people around me. She holds you accountable to your own desires, helps you remove the blocks you’ve created for yourself, and gives you the ok to live your life the way that you envision it. I am very gracious Anik was recommended to me she has facilitated a lifestyle change to last. I would and have recommended her to every friend or person who mentions coaching, its a small investment for a lifetime of peace and happiness.”

Myles Wood, Saint Petersburg, FL

“I have had the honor of working with Anik Clemens for 1 year.  In that time, I have been able to accomplish many goals including developing a morning ritual that allows for self-care, reducing stress and celebrating the small victories.  Anik gives me useful tools to use to keep myself focused on goals and from getting distracted from negative self-sabotaging activities.  Anik is a great listener, so she is able to understand where my blocks are and provide valuable coaching to help me through.  She is upbeat, compassionate and aware of the power of our minds.  I am so grateful that the laws of attraction attracted Anik into my life!”

Ellen Maiara, Tampa, FL

“I approached Anik for assistance in getting back on track with priorities, and overall approach to working in my own business. She applied her coaching skills with me for a period of 4 months. It was a great relationship, Anik worked hand in hand with me to distill the core of the issues I was facing. She gave me tools to sort through the obstacles and was very supportive of my efforts.

Anik is honest and real. She cares about her clients and gives them 100% of her attention and compassion. The results are proof that joining forces with a great facilitator can lead to an awesome future.

Thank you Anik for having faith in me when I often doubt myself. Thank you for steering me towards the path of opportunities. Thank you for reminding me that only by moving forward will I test the boundaries of my comfort zone. That is where the potential for growth lies.”

Tina M, St. Petersburg, FL

“My session with Anik was productive. She helped walk me through a success block and had an exercise that we went through together to break down the barriers. This is something I will continue to use for other areas of my life as well. Anik is genuine and caring in her approach and is a great listener. “
Cori C, St. Petersburg, FL

“My recent session with Anik was very productive. She thoroughly listened to me as I expressed my areas of concern and she had an exercise ready that really got me to dig in to my core issue and find what it was that I wanted to attract into my life. She really has a knack for tuning you in to your true potential. “
Sarah N, St. Petersburg, FL

“I had a 30 minute session with Anik. I was very encouraged after such a short time. I felt I had a better understanding of one of my blocks to success. It was a great start to overcoming this area of weakness in my life. Thank you for your guidance and perspective.”

Elane H, St. Petersburg, FL

“Anik did a fantastic job of getting to the root problems of my blocks to success and helping to isolate them in a way that allowed us to objectively figure out how to address them! She is wonderful! “

Mark H, Tampa, FL

“Anik’s session with me gave me an exercise to help me with a problem that was effecting me at work. I was able to see the bigger picture and the purpose behind the small things that give me anxiety at times and I would procrastinate.”

Chelsea C, Tampa, FL

Melania“I absolutely adore this woman. She really helps me get back to the most authentic version of myself!”

Melania M, St. Petersburg, FL


“Anik eased my fears and taught me how to start looking at manifesting the changes I want to see in myself to bring forth what I want in my future. With Anik’s guidance, I am finding a new “Me”; the person I want to be so I can effectuate positive changes in my life.”

KimT, St. Petersburg, FL

“I love this kind of work cause it makes me feel like I’m doing something good for myself. It’s like a spa for the mind!”

Liz M, Eugene, OR

Sarah Stelter2“I have worked with Anik through several projects. The notable characteristics of her coaching is her patient ability to listen and understand the issues I am facing. Then, her well thought out responses and exercises to allow the person to externalize how to move their thoughts into positive actions. It’s important to lay out a game plan in how to accomplish life goals and to be accountable for completing each step to continue moving forwards. Anik is very positive and gives great positive and constructive feedback. I am very thankful for her coaching as well as a continued positive force in my life. I would recommend Anik’s life coaching to anyone that needs a basic life check and coaching to help take the next step in career changes.”

Sarah Stelter, St. Petersburg, FL


Kalyn Mould1

“Anik is a true inspiration. Marine biologist, coach, mentor, ocean goddess, leader. Anik teaches us that our dreams are ours for the living, and the time is now to cherish every moment of this magical life.”

Kalyn Mould, Sarasota FL


Alina Hall

“Anik is a truly gifted individual, at once peaceful and powerful, whose compassion and integrity shines through in everything she does. Her calm and deliberate energy creates a sacred space where anyone, myself included, is comfortable sharing and shifting into higher consciousness. I have been blessed with her friendship and am thrilled anytime we partner on a project or retreat. Anyone looking to take steps forward into a better and happier way of living will benefit from working with Anik!”

Alina Hall, St. Petersburg, FL


Janice Baxter

“Anik, in her clear and kind way, uses her skills to assess, understand, encourage, and inspire each person she encounters. Her intuitive gifts and generous spirit blend together to assist herself and others to become expanded versions of themselves. In all her areas of expertise, she weaves fun and love into an enlightening experience!”

Janice Baxter, Sarasota, FL



“Without a doubt, once you make a decision the Universe will help you achieve it. You need to listen to your intuition and go with that feeling. You need to pay close attention to your surroundings: there are signs EVERYWHERE! They can be pictures, songs and people. PEOPLE LIKE ANIK. I’m so glad I met Anik, and I have no question in my mind that LOA helps me out through meeting her.

This is for anyone who wants their lives turned around: you should always listen and be surrounded by persons who make you feel good. The way you think manifests through the LOA and if you think positively, positive things will surround you. Anik made me realize that, the things that I want are all up to me and all I need to do is to change my thinking.

Thank you for turning my life around Anik! I will ALWAYS be grateful!”

Mireya Ayala, Phoenix, AZ


“From my experience with Anik, I was able to build more confidence in resurfacing certain layers of me. My favorite law of attraction processes are visualizing, wouldn’t it be nice if, and making the changes necessary to achieve my life long goals. I would sooooo recommend Anik to my friends looking for a law of attraction life coach!”

Misty Stewart, St. Petersburg, FL

Lindsey O'Hern

“Anik is the only reason I had the courage to move out of Florida as a confused, broke, post-college graduate, as I had done very little traveling before. She told me about the risks she took in her own life which helped me believe I could take some in my life too. She has always helped me stay positive and continues to show me that anything is possible. I am incredibly grateful for having Anik in my life. I do not think I would be who I am without having met her. “

Lindsey O’Hern, Chicago, IL


Tracy Croushorn

“I have come so far and grown so much and I am much more confident. The exercises Anik has given me have helped me stay disciplined and focused. My husband says, ‘You working with Anik has really made an impact on you. I have seen changes in you and it has been really good for you.’

Tracy Croushorn, Tarpon Springs, FL