Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone!

Have you tried to step outside of your comfort zone lately?

You know that place where you feel most at ease…where you talk to the same people, do the same activities, share only what you’re used to sharing….

What would it feel like to step outside of your comfort zone?

Would it be scary for you? Would it take a lot of courage?

What if I told you the only way to expand is to step outside of your comfort zone…

Stepping outside of your comfort zone could mean trying a new activity, talking to someone you may have felt intimidated by,  trying out a new business strategy, or maybe even engaging in an act of service that you normally wouldn’t do.

I have brainstormed a few ideas to get you started and I’m sure you can think of many more!

Ideas to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone


Ask one of your supervisors or mentors or someone you admire in your same field, if you can interview them for 30-60 minutes about being a great leader.

You can come up with 5-10 interview questions. For example:

1.  What was the path you took to get to where you are?
2.  What is your biggest challenge?
3.  What has been your greatest accomplishment?
4.  What is your definition of success?
4.  What makes you a great leader?


Read the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary D. Chapman to discover what your partner’s love language is. Then take action on giving and receiving love in a new way based on your findings from this book.


Try your hand at a new skill or take a class that you haven’t taken before. Join a Meet Up Group, enter a contest, or attend an event that you’ve been wanting to go to but haven’t had the courage to yet.

Something that I just tried this weekend which took me outside of my comfort zone was I entered a beach volleyball tournament on the spur of a whim. I went to watch my friend play in his match and after a couple of games of watching, I decided I couldn’t sit around any longer and I wanted to play as well. I practiced a little bit and was open to the idea that one day I might play in a tournament as well. And low and behold I got my chance sooner than I expected…over the loud speaker, they called “We are looking for one more girl for the BB division. Anyone, we just need one more girl. Go right to the registration desk to sign up and meet your partner.” I felt like they were speaking directly to me. I had just asked for this chance to happen, and it occurred way sooner that I would have every thought. I took the chance, signed up and played one game in the tournament. It turned out to be sooo much fun and so worth it!!! This was me stepping way outside of my comfort zone, as I hadn’t played in a volleyball match in over 20 years!

I encourage you all to go out and try something new, talk to someone new, or implement something new…because what do you have to lose??

I love that Kyra Davis says “the sensuality of fear”. Why do we need to be afraid of feeling fear? “Fear is just a compass showing us where to go” (Mastin Kipp).

What if fear were desirable? The desire in feeling fear is related to the desire to grow and expand ourselves and to become an even better version of me.

I would never have known how much I liked beach volleyball, if I didn’t have the courage to play in the tournament this weekend.  All it took was to say “Yes!”, feel the fear of doing something new, and step into my power to kick some butt on the beach volleyball court.

My challenge to you is to find a way to step outside of your comfort zone this week.

And if you’re up for it (maybe step outside of your comfort zone again), please share in the comments below what you did to make this happen.

Have a great week.


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