The 5 Love Languages

“The 5 Love Languages” is an amazing book. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you go run and grab a copy right away and read it. This book will change the way you give and receive love. And it’s not just for romantic relationships. This book will help ALL of your relationships. Your relationship with your children, your parents, your friends, your clients, your bosses, etc.  This book is wonderful for understanding and deepening any relationship.

The 5 love languages that Gary Chapman discusses in this book are the following:

1. Words of Affirmations or Encouragement

2. Quality Time

3. Gifts

4. Acts of Service

5. Physical Touch

What do these mean? I’ll go into a little of each one of these love languages.

If “words of affirmation” is your primary love language, that means that you like to receive words of affirmation or encouragement that you are doing a good job, or you’re on the right track, or your loved and supported. Words of affirmation or encouragement help you fill your love tank. You feel loved when you hear these words. This is your primary love language. The other things are nice, but when you hear that you are a good mother, or a great lover, or a wonderful friend, you feel that you are being shown love.

If “quality time” is your primary love language that means if you are able to spend quality time with your spouse or children or friends, time that is uninterrupted and that you are really listened to, your love tank will be filled.

“Gifts” means that you like to receive tokens of affection through gifts, that are meaningful to you. And these may mean the gift of someone’s presence, or small gifts. or large gifts, to let you know you are being thought of and that you are loved.

“Acts of service” means that you appreciate when someone does something for you that maybe you would prefer not doing…such as the laundry, or picking up the dry cleaning, or doing the dishes. If someone offers to do these things for you and does them, you would feel that you are loved.

And finally “physical touch” means that when someone gives you a pat on the back, or a hug, or romantic touch (with your significant other), that is what really fills your love tank and you feel loved.

Knowing your partners love language, or your family members, or friends love language, you are able to give them what they need to feel loved and supported. You are able to help them fill their love tank. And when someone’s love tank is full, they are much happier and content individuals. They feel loved, supported, and cherished. Who doesn’t want to feel this way?

This ideas in this book have helped turnaround 30-year marriages where spouses feel no love anymore. Or newlyweds that have tied the knot and said “Now what?” I don’t feel in love anymore. Or friends that have an argument and can’t seem to recover from it. Or business partners that have reached a sticking point in their relationship. The ideas in this book could help parents and their children form a stronger bond. The relationships this book can help are endless.

Who would have thought that by learning your partners love language, you would be able to help them fill up their love tank and your relationship together could take a huge turn…for the best.

Happy reading!



P.S. If you would like some coaching around identifying your love language or that of your lover, colleague or friend, you can schedule a session with me today. I’d love to help you unlock your relationship potential.


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